Dr. Charles Zebe: Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

While traditional dentistry has always focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of oral disease, advances in modern dentistry have enabled practitioners to offer services that are electively targeted at cosmetic improvements. Smile makeovers can be accomplished by a variety of approaches from simple whitening by bleaching to more involved procedures including veneers and implants. In undertaking any of the available cosmetic paths to an improved smile, dentists are now able to choose from an array of options while striving to preserve each patient’s natural tooth structure to the highest degree possible.

Tooth decay or structural damage can be repaired with composite bonding, wherein discolored, broken, or chipped teeth are filled with natural-looking composite material that is hardened with the application of high-intensity light. Crowns are also available. Color-matched veneers can be applied to hide damaged teeth or to obscure gaps between teeth. Dental implants can be utilized to substitute for missing tooth roots. These implants have facilitated prosthetic full-tooth replacement, enabling patients to retain a more youthful appearance.

Patients are encouraged to consult their local cosmetic dentistry practitioner for more information on the many options from smile makeovers to full dental reconstructions.

About the author: Charles Zebe, DMD, performs cosmetic, restorative, family, and general dentistry. Dr, Zebe is the founder of the Accurate Dental Group in Mercerville, New Jersey.


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